Friday 3 July 2009

ADC 88th Annual Awards

As I mentioned in the previous post, I caught the final day of the Art Directors Club 88th Annual Awards on Monday. Obviously there was some great work on show and it was comforting to wander around a gallery showing the kind of work that I look at and admire on a daily basis. I was definitely more at home here then in the fine art galleries that I visited the previous week, or on my trip to Chelsea on Wednesday.

I wanted to add some of my own pictures of my favourites, but alas the lighting was just too poor and subsequently the pictures are not great. So the link to the full archive is here and below I'll just reference a few pieces I particularly loved.

First up is a campaign I was alerted to last year by my fellow blogger Bowerbird so I was pleased to see it had won the Gold Award for "Advertising: Product/service Promotion, Product/service Promotion - Campaign"

I also enjoyed the Gold Award winning outdoor advertising campaign "Le Grand Mix" for Nova radio by Young and Rubicam France:

A favourite from the UK was the promotional campaign for Harvey Nichols' Christmas sale by DDB London. I just love the fantastically communicative gestures that the Mannequins are depicting. Despite their inanimate status the viewer is immediately able to visualise the next 'scene' as the storming crowds rush into the store in search of a bargain:

Finally, I loved the logo for the Issey Miyake fashion line (I assume) "Pleats Please", the 'Sushi' poster won the Silver award, but my attention was definitely more focused on the logo itself, which I just loved for its simplicity yet striking brilliance:

(apologies for the poor picture)

There were plenty more examples that I enjoyed viewing and I definitely enjoyed the concepts on show. I might link to a few more images when I have a little more time, but for now if you have a spare ten minutes I would definitely recommend viewing the image archive. Don't forget to click Launch Media to see the images/videos at a larger size.

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  1. Hurrah I feel like I backed a winner! Glad BBDO bagged the top prize, worthy, simple and has that "I wish I'd thought of that" quality that's enviable and admirable in equal measures. Great, well crafted post Jem.