Jem Robinson graduated from Loughborough University School of the Arts in 2005 with a first class degree in Illustration. Since then she has created illustrations for clients on a range of topics - consistently finding ways to visualise tricky political editorials, dramatic narratives and human behaviour in her own style.

Work is predominantly editorial (digital and print), but Jem has experience creating illustrations for publishing houses, design studios and even vehicle vinyls. Clients include The Independent, The Daily Mail, The TUC, Royal College of Nurses, Action Aid, Random House and the New Statesman.

Jem’s illustrations have been recognised in both the UK and USA, with selection for the Association of Illustrators (UK) annual awards in Images 30, 32 & 34, and ‘chosen’ for American Illustration awards 26, 27 & 28 with selection for the book and exhibition in the 29th edition.

Jem is available for commissions and giclee prints for most images are available on request. Please get in touch for details.

To see a full range of work please visit the website www.jemillo.com

Jem is also the Head of Visual Design at AllofUs in London; AllofUs is an award winning interactive design and user-experience agency specialising in multi-platform product and service creation for the inter-connected age. Learn more at www.allofus.com.

Find out more about Jem on twitter as @jemillo and get in touch via email use jem@jemillo.com