Wednesday 17 March 2010

St Patrick's Day in NYC

I promise I'm not just blogging to show off about my travels, seriously!

I'm now in NYC and although I didn't get around to finishing off my chatter about Chicago I wanted to do a quick post today of some drawings I've done at the parade this morning just in case the sketches get too smudged by the time I make it back to my hotel.

I wasn't particularly prepared for drawing this morning, but I managed to cobble together some quick reference drawings using the 3 pencils I had available and a lined notebook. I was trying to catch the things that stood out to me, the empty Fifth Avenue (in terms of cars) before the parade began and the shadows falling on the buildings as the parade occurred. As well as the helicopters whirring overhead and the different people that passed by on parade. I did quite a few pages, it was tricky, trying to lean my book against the barriers, look, record and keep my balance as people pressed into my back but I just about managed it and really enjoyed being able to work in my sketchbook live, which is a real rarity.

Here are some (admittedly dodgy) photos of my pages, forgive the photography, I've taken these in Bryant Park and haven't had time to crop or adjust as my battery is low. Off to see the Tim Burton exhibition at MOMA this afternoon, trying to avoid the hordes of drunken 'Irish' people on route.

Before the Parade began

Passing troops

Looking down 5th Avenue

Looking up

Looking on

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

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  1. These are a great insight into what your eye is naturally drawn to. I'm not sure I can offer quite so many urban scenes in Grand Cayman, but we'll definitely have time to sketch. xxx