Monday 29 September 2014

The World in your Kitchen Calendar 2015

It's officially Autumn now, or Fall for my Stateside readers, and thoughts are turning to Christmas or more importantly the rush to get suitable gifts for family and friends. Luckily I can help you out with that should you be stuck for the all important stocking filler...

Back in Summer 2013 I was approached by New Internationalist, the world's leading independent publisher of magazines and books on global social justice and sustainable development, and asked to be the feature illustrator for the World in your Kitchen Calendar 2015. The calendar is produced every year and showcases a different recipe from around the world for each month with an illustration about the dish or location to accompany it. One illustrator produces all the imagery for that year's calendar and they wanted me to be that person for 2015, so I said yes and spent most of my weekends last year illustrating exotic places and looking up dishes that I'd never previously heard of. It was a fun experience doing all the research and I'm very happy with the results. Some of my favourite spreads are below:

Further images from the calendar can be seen on my website, but to see all twelve you'll need to buy the calendar! It can be purchased direct from New Internationalist or amazon and is also for sale via Amnesty International in Britain and France.

Thanks for reading, hope you like the images...

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