Wednesday 20 May 2009

Reaction to

So the website has been live for a few days and I've had some very positive responses, which is always nice. A few people have mentioned that it takes a little time for the images to load, I'm going to try and tweak that to make it faster but I guess that's the downside of large images for now.

I'll also do my best to add more information about each image for those who would like more click through options. My original intention was to keep things as simple as possible, but I'm happy to give each image a description/bit of background.

I feel a little pressure to say something exciting on each post, so today I'll link to an article I saw in today's creativematch mailer about Tango. Now I don't normally take much of an interest in packaging, or fizzy drinks, but this was of interest to me as I took part in a two day idea generation session for Britvic just over a year ago and it was there that the ideas behind this campaign first came to life. So it was pleasing to see that the campaign has stayed pretty true to the themes we identified as being integral to the Tango brand last summer. The adverts are pretty funny too and can be seen on the save tango website

Finally if you received a promotional mailer from me today, welcome to the site!

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