Sunday 27 September 2009

Illustration round up

Manically busy at the moment, it's a new term so my lecturing duties have resumed, which is always demanding and rewarding in equal measures and illustration commissions have been coming thick and fast.

But I have had a second to upload the illustration I did for the Indy this week about Labour's party conference. Article here and unusually there is a cropped version of my image online there too. The full image is below (as it appeared in print).

I also mentioned on twitter that I had an illustration in Scotland's Sunday Herald at the weekend (on Sunday, ha!) and this was a rather large image about teenage alcohol abuse and the long term effects. The article was really interesting and actually quite worrying in terms of the damage alcohol can do to the developing brain. If you saw it in print please let me know and I'll post the image here soon.

Finally I'm doing some work with Oil Studios at the moment, which is fascinating and nicely challenging. If you haven't checked out their work before then do visit the site and take the time to play some of the Routes games.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you can make out the sand texture in the online version. This feels like a departure from other recent pieces, new art director?