Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The City of Bohane

Back in October I mentioned that I was illustrating a book cover, but what I couldn't do was say who it was for or what the book was called, or more importantly show the cover.

But having just spotted the book on Amazon it seems I can finally share it...

The book is called 'City of Bohane' by Kevin Barry, an Irish Author who has won several awards for his short stories and this is his first novel for Random House. You can see what the cover looks like on Amazon:

The actual illustration spans the full book and looks like this:

This was such a cool commission, the dream job, the sort of illustration I love to do with barely any changes and positive responses from all involved. So I'm pleased I can finally share it on here!

When I get chance I'll give an overview of the brief but for now I hope you'll enjoy looking at the design.


  1. Congratulations - dream job! Looks amazing Jem xx

  2. Hey Jem,

    How are you?

    Congratulations on the book cover it's a really nice illustration. It's also great to see that you've been successful in the field as well.

    Lauren x

  3. Brilliant work, Jem! I really like the atmosphere you've created here (and makes me want to pick up the book asap).
    Dave :)