Wednesday 10 June 2009

3 days...

At the risk of alienating people who are not going away this weekend I will continue with my Brooklyn countdown. I've been researching hard in the last 24 hours and have signed up to some fantastically informative websites.

First up was Flavorpill, obviously I've been checking out the New York section, but it also has listings information for San Fransisco, Los Angeles, London, Chicago and Miami. It makes me smile to think I've been to 3 of those 6 cities in the last year..

Next is the New Museum, this was recommended to me by some contributors at QBN and if the website is anything to go by it certainly looks like it will be worth the visit. I think I'm in love with the building, it's such a great shot on the site and really grabbed my attention:

Finally I've wanted to go to an outside film screening in New York for many years, but my visits have never coincided with them. This time though I'm in luck, I've just seen on NYCGO that there are a range of venues showing films throughout the week, throughout the Summer. I like to think that I could be one of the people in the image below very soon...

Photo: Julienne Schaer

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