Sunday 7 June 2009

6 days and counting

So my recent silence hasn't been connected to the previous post and subsequent result, promise! In fact I've been rather busy in my lecturing role with end of year assessments and haven't had a moment to browse and take note of all the fantastic things happening in the creative world.

My life continues at a great pace this week as I prepare to leave the UK for a little while and decamp to Park Slope in Brooklyn. In honour of this I'll attempt to give a daily countdown of things I hope to experience when I'm there as I frantically try and cram in all the things I need to do before my flight.

So first up is Windows Brooklyn, which "takes art out of the traditional museum or gallery setting and incorporates it into a vibrant public space". Essentially 34 artists will be converting storefront windows into art installations for a week. The event kicked off yesterday and is only scheduled to run until Saturday, so it's unlikely I'll get chance to see them but for anyone in the Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens area this week it should be an interesting sight.

"I Can Make You Feel It" - Home Video from Home Video on Vimeo.

Next up is a track from Brooklyn based duo Home Video. "I can make you feel it" was recently featured on Gossip Girl (a not so secret love of mine) and has a great feel to both the sound and the video. The black and white film with the organic patterns juxtaposed with the graphic shapes of their silhouettes really adds to the layered sound to create an eerie and entrancing experience. The band are playing the Public Assembly in Brooklyn on Friday night, again something I'll miss but relevant for anyone in Williamsburg this weekend.

Anticipation of the trip begins in earnest now...

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