Friday 19 June 2009

Week 1

It's been a busy first few days in New York City. I've pounded the streets with my laptop on my back and boy are my feet paying for it. But along the way I've encountered some interesting people, things and places, all adding up to a great first week (and I still have the Mermaid Parade to come!).

One of the things I did was pop in to see Dave Tabler and Jami Giovanopoulos at the ispot offices in Midtown. I've had a portfolio on the ispot since the beginning of the year and spoken to Dave and Jami several times about things to do over here, so it seemed only apt that I called in to say hi and thanks for the advice. Dave and I did the obligatory photo too:

Also in the Midtown vicinity I went along to the Center For Book Arts to check out the “\’flo\: art, text, new media” exhibition. Although the premise was interesting I didn't find the show particularly inspiring. I think in situations like this my image as communication prerogative rears its head and I find myself questioning what the piece is trying to say and who is its intended audience. Besides from those big issues I also question the state the work is presented in, taking the time and care to select an appropriate housing for your work is, to me, a big part of exhibiting and some of the work on show here felt like it had been thrown up with little consideration of how that affected the message. But it was interesting and there were a few pieces that I enjoyed, chiefly the work of Chris Burnett and a piece called Reading Through. I've tried Google for more information but all I found was an out of date blog, but nonetheless I enjoyed that work, in particular the 'Truck Stop'.

I also found time to meet Jesse Kuhn, illustrator and creator of The Quirkles, a science based children's book series. We had a chat about all things illustration, which was fun, it's always nice to meet other illustrators and swap stories. I wanted to mention him on here as if you happen to be in Brooklyn this weekend you can pick up one of Jesse's prints at The Seventh Heaven Street Fair, which sounds like a great event and one that I will be attending.

Right at the beginning of the week I went along to 'Tearing the Veil of Maya' a comedy show at Union Hall in Park Slope. It was great, I enjoyed all the comedians, but the one that stood out was a guy called Mike Birbiglia. He's quite a big deal over here and I was fortunate to get to see him on my first day in town. He has his own site and a YouTube channel. But I've embedded a little animated skit below too:

I think that gives a brief overview of my time here so far. I'm planning on heading to Williamsburg today to check out the galleries there and have a wander around. Although I'll be heading back into Manhattan for this later today.

Have a great weekend.

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