Tuesday 16 June 2009

Bryant Park..

is not the subject of this post, only my current location. Is there anything more wonderful then free wi-fi in the city? It certainly saves on phone costs when you open up a laptop and collect your twitter messages for free..

I thought I'd take the opportunity as I have a spare minute to post a few pictures from my journey into Manhattan this morning. I'm still finding my feet Brooklyn wise, but feel on familiar ground now I'm back in the city. My twitter updates have mentioned my excitement at discovering the fantastic Tina Fey is filming only a few blocks away from where I have a meeting, so I'm hoping I can get a picture of that later on. But for now, here are 3 images of things that caught my eye today. The rest of my 300 or so photos you might find featuring in some illustrations as I've gone textures crazy today.

Left in a hurry, or a statement of intent from a LA hating Brooklyner?

Hopefully the tickets are added after they've been swiped, or that is one big effort at the subway.

Worshipping the Times Square sun, sunbathing Manhattan style.

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