Monday 15 June 2009

Hello from Brooklyn

Ok, so the countdown ended prematurely at 2 days to go, but for anyone harbouring a simmering resentment at my abandonment of the blog I can only apologise and blame the length of time it takes to print and file a whole new set of portfolio images. To give that statement a context, it takes a lot longer then the 2 hours I allowed. Rough translation, I was still printing at midnight on Friday, even though my alarm was set for 6:15am on Saturday. Not cool.

Today I've had my first full day in Brooklyn, so I took the opportunity to have a wander and do a bit of sketching in Prospect Park. I bought some inks and a dip pen and had a play with that, as I haven't worked with ink since my 2nd year at uni. It was a little disheartening as the wrist injury I had earlier this year has left my drawing hand a little weak, and whilst it doesn't make too much of a difference when I'm working up artwork with a Wacom tablet and pen, it does make it difficult to work with real accuracy when the edit tool is removed! But one of the motivations for this trip was to get out and do some personal work and drawing on location and today definitely gave me the taste for it.

Tomorrow I intend to take my whole set of recording equipment with me and hopefully I'll produce something that I can post here within the next few days. I have a little project up my sleeve which I'll be introducing on here soon. But for now I'm going to rest my weary jet lagged head and prepare for another creative day in New York City.

One final thing, I did get the chance to pick up the Little Boots album before I left the UK and I'm very pleased about that as it sounded great on my ipod in the sunshine drenched park today, I definitely recommend it

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